Time to bake again

One year has gone since the end of my sabbatical.

I'm back in my Parisian work and social life and finally got my apartment set up to practice my baking skills. Yes, that means my kitchen is pretty central and takes half of the entire flat area :)
Also the delicious and juicy summer fruits started appearing at the markets as well as the sunlight and longer days... Love the summertime in Paris :)

Therefore it's time for me to come back to baking... and this time I'm not going to share only pictures with you.

Indeed, friends and colleagues have been asking for catering or pastries and I thought it would be a good idea to bring some examples of pieces  I could make in a small scale just for my entourage.

So, for the ones interested, here are some examples of my creations with the average fair pricing. 
Very important: all ingredients are best quality and everything is of course home made with love and care.

To get in touch you can simply send me an email 


6 serving cake: 35€

Genoise sponge cake, fresh strawberries, mousseline cream, chocolate decorations
(Biscuit génoise, fraises fraiches de saison, crème mousseline, décors chocolat)

Different biscuits and different types of cream


4 servings charlotte: 25€
6 servings charlotte: 35€

Home made Ladyfingers, raspberry mousse with italian meringue, raspberries, decorations
(Biscuit à la cuillère maison, mousse à la framboise et meringue italienne, framboises fraiches, décors)

Exotic fruits
Fresh strawberries (only during the summer)

Charlotte à la framboise

Tarte au citron meringuée

4 single serving pies: 15€
6 serving pie: 20€ 

Sweet pie dough, lemon cream (similar to Lemon curd), lemon peel, italian meringue
(Pâte sucrée, crémeux au citron, écorces de citron, meringue italienne)

With or without meringue 
Different meringue decorations 

Example of Individual servings 

Choux à la crème chantilly

4 choux: 12€
6 choux: 18€

Choux dough, crusty top, pastry cream, whipped vanilla cream, decorations
(Pâte à choux, craquelin cassonade, crème pâtissière, chantilly à la vanille, décors)

Bigger than the traditional "petits choux". More like a "dessert" size.

Vanilla, passion fruit, red berries, chocolate, lychee raspberry


4 single serving pies: 15€
6 serving pies: 20€

Sweet pie dough, almonds and pastry cream, fruits)
(Pâte sucrée, frangipane, fruits)

Nature, Pears, Red Berries

Pear Amandine

Royal (chocolate layered entremet)

6 serving cake: 35€ 

Biscuit noisette, croustillant chocolat blanc, praliné et feuilletine, mousse au chocolat 


4 single serving pieces: 20€
6 serving cake: 25€

Puff pastry, pastry cream, fondant, chocolate decorations
(Pâte feuilletée, crème patissière, fondant, décors chocolat)

Black Forest 

6 serving cake: 35 euros

Chocolate sponge cake, kirsch syrup, cherries, whipped cream, chocolate shavings
(Génoise chocolat, sirop alcoolisé au kirsch, cerises, crème chantilly, copeaux de chocolat)


4 single serving pieces: 25€
6 serving crown: 30€

Choux dough, mousseline praliné cream (pastry cream, butter, praliné), silvered almonds
(Pâte à choux, crème mousseline pralinée, amandes effilées)

And many more pastries  ;)

Brazilian, Japanese, French flavors + all shapes and mixtures. Everything (or almost) is possible with pastries. I'll keep posting for new creations on this blog

When it comes to catering

I've been doing some informal ones for friends and friends of friends, and I have to admit it's a pretty fun feeling as it always come with some kind of celebration.

Also, pastries are a great base for savory dishes as well.

As an example for a 20 people cocktail with 12 savory peaces and 4 sweet pieces per person. All finger food (without drinks), that should cost around 400 euros.

Some pics of these events (some from before my pastry classes though)

savory biscuits, pumpkin cream with raisins, creamy cheese

savory strudel: home made shortcrust, blue cheese, cooked pears, onion marmalade 
Savory crab choux with avocado cream

Pao de queijo: typical delicious finger food from Brazil

Mini financier (almonds pistachio cake) raspberry dome and pistachio decorations
Mini chocolate pies

Coconut meringues and mini lemon pies



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Meet the author

Hi there! I'm Lucia Tahara, welcome to my blog!

I'm a Brazilian living in France since 2002 and working as a Business Developer at Google.

This blog is about my 5 months sabbatical to become a pastry cook at the 'Institut National de la Boulangerie Pâtisserie', one of the best French pastry schools in the world.

Recipes, tips, techniques, video tutorials, but also posts related to the sabbatical experience will populate this space little by little.

My favorite pastries

Saint honoré
Macaron (coming soon)
Fraisier (coming soon)

Tutorial videos

Crème pâtissière (pastry cream)
Millefeuille (assembly)
Pâte feuilletée (puff pastry)
Choux dough (coming soon)
Sweet pie dough (coming soon)
More to come...