The versatile Charlotte

Charlotte is pure 'yumminess' ;)
A ladyfingers (soft inside crispy outside biscuit), a cream (mousse or bavaroise), fruits (not always) and a nice decoration. 
An infinite choice of combinations are available as far as we respect some principles:

  • The biscuit (recipe here): can be colored and flavored to match with the recipe.
  • The mousse filling: a base of fruits pulp, sugar and gelatin gently mixed with whipped cream (softer than chantilly texture) 
  • and/or the bavaroise filling: a "crème anglaise" base mixed with whatever flavor you decide, gelatin, and whipping cream (softer than chantilly texture)

The one on the picture above is the Pears and chocolate Charlotte having both, the bavaroise (chocolate flavored), and the mousse (pears) + caramelized pears.


1. Any flavor and combination can be tried!
What about a pineapple/coconut, kinda pina colada one? ;) The biscuits could be cooked with some shredded coconut + a coconut rum bavaroise and caramelized pineapple inside... or a lychee pistachio spring charlotte decorated with edible flowers, or... or... or... so many others :)

2. the very nice classy decoration: on the top of the white pears mousse, we powdered some chocolate randomly, then, we glazed it with a mirror topping. As we spread it out, it also spread the chocolate creating a kinda shiny painting effect. Really neat!

Unfortunately I didn't have time to set my camera properly so the pics are not very good, but here is an idea about the decoration tip:

And below, to illustrate the possible 'Charlotte outfits' the berries one with a colored biscuit and topping:


Charlotte poires chocolat


Biscuit à la cuillère (Ladyfingers dough)

150 g of egg whites
5 g of dehydrated egg whites (optional)
110 g of sugar
85 g of egg yolks
50 g of flour
50 g of potato starch (it works with corn starch too).

Syrup (to soak the biscuit)

45 g of water
30 g of sugar

Chocolate bavaroise

2 g of gelatin
10 g of water
100 g of milk
25 g of egg yolks (about 1 egg yolk)
20 g of sugar
20 g of cocoa 
140 g of whipping cream

Pears mousse:
4 g of gelatin
20 g of water
125 g of pears pulp
35 g of sugar
4 g of pear brandy (optional)
190 g of whipping cream

Caramelized pears:

120 g of canned pears (cooked and in a syrup) 
10 g of butter
50 g of brown sugar
20 g of pear brandy (optional)

Powdered chocolate
Mirror glazing
1/2 pear in syrup


- Bring the water and sugar to a boil. Cool it down in the fridge

- Prepare the biscuit as indicated in the raspberry charlotte recipe (2 strips + 2 circles)
- Take the 2 strips and cut off the edges. Instead of trimming only one side, trim both sides to create a 3 cm large strips. 
- Cover the inside of a cake circle with a rodoïd plastic (I think a baking paper would also work)

- Insert the strips around the circle

- Then, insert one of the biscuit circles into the bottom (trimming the edges to perfectly mach it and create a kinda biscuit box) 

- Soak the bottom biscuit with the syrup

Caramelized pears:
- Melt the butter with the pears cut in little cubes. Add the sugar little by little and cook it until caramelization. Refrigerate it

Chocolate bavaroise:

- Melt the gelatin with the water- Bring the milk and cocoa to a boil
- At the same time whisk the egg yolks with the sugar
- Out of the heat, pour a little bit of milk inside of the egg yolks, whisk it. Then pour the latter (egg yolks mix) into the milk, whisking. Bring it to the low heat and warm it up to 85°C/185°F) - You just made a chocolate "crème anglaise"
- Add the melted gelatin, whisk it and bring it to the fridge.
- Whisk the cream to a foamy texture (not as tough as chantilly but almost). Gently integrate a little bit of cream into the other mix and then, pour the mix into the cream to gently incorporate both preparations.
- After cooling, pour it into our biscuit box (leaving 2 cm to the edge of the biscuit)

- Add the cooled caramelized pears 

- Insert the second biscuit cercle (trimmed as the first one). Soak it with the syrup

- Freeze it

Mousse à la poire

- Melt the gelatin with the water
- Bring the pears pulp and the sugar to 50°C/122°F. Incorporate the melted gelatin. Cool it down to room temperature (5 minutes in the fridge) but pay attention not to chill too much cause we don't want the gelatin to harden
Whisk the cream to a foamy texture (not as tough as chantilly but almost). Gently integrate a little bit of cream into the other mix and then, pour the mix into the cream to gently incorporate both preparations.

- Pour the mousse into the cake circle (on the top of the frozen biscuit) and smooth it with a long spatule. Freeze it again.

Pour some powdered cocoa on the top of the frozen charlotte, gently pour some mirror glazing, smooth it with a spatule and decorate it with a slided pear in syrup and some chocolate decorations.


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