Framboisier derives from framboise (raspberry) and designates the raspberry plant, but also the cake. 
By the way, the same goes for the strawberry cake and plant (fraisier).

I like the look of the one we made this morning: a creamy base, a glossy red glaze reminding the fruit and some chocolate decorations using the complementary color of red: green.

On the color note: Recently we have had an arts class about this theme and its effects on people. When it comes to food, some researches revealed that RED is the most appealing color for men and GREEN, the favorite food color for women. This cake should satisfy all of us, then! :p

Several recipes are possible as far as you respect the logic of:

  • a base biscuit such as a génoise, joconde, ladyfingers, etc. The one on the photos are made out of a viennese biscuit.
  • a cream. Here we've got a mousseline cream (mix of pastry cream and butter)
  • a fair amount of raspberries

The cream we used was good but a little too heavy. According to one of my teachers, the mousseline is a kinda 90's recipe. The new trendy seem to be the Diplomate cream: Instead of butter, some whipped cream. 

That's probably a better deal for both our immediate pleasure and longterm shape.




Viennese biscuit

  • 40 g of Ground almonds 
  • 40 g of sugar
  • 20 g of egg yolk (about 1)
  • 30 g of whole eggs
  • 65 g of egg whites (about 2)
  • 25 g of sugar
  • 30 g of flour

Soaking syrup
  • 60 g of water
  • 40 g of sugar

Mousseline cream

Mirror glaze
Red coloring
White chocolate with green coloring inlay


200 g of raspberries (frozen of fresh)


1. Prepare the biscuit: 
  • Beat the almonds, 40 g of sugar, egg yolk and whole eggs in the mixer with the whisk blade
  • Beat the egg whites and the 25 g of sugar (add the sugar little by little) until soft peaks form
  • Gently mix them both.
  • With a piping bag make 2 circles of 20 cm, bake it for 7 minutes at 200°C/390°F)
2. Bring the syrup ingredients to a boil, and leave it cool down

3. Prepare the cream:
  • Beat the pastry cream to smooth it and incorporate some air. 
  • Partially melt the butter and whisk it until the texture is pretty soft and even
  • Mix the butter with the pastry cream until it becomes fluffy
4. Assembling:
  • Take a cake circle of 20 cm, cover the bords with plastic (rodoid preferably)
  • Cut the edges of the biscuit circles to get 18 cm diameter/each
  • Lay down one of the circles in the bottom inside of the circle, glaze it with the syrup
  • With a pastry bag, pour some cream around the biscuit to trap it. Make a cream next (spreading some on the cake and around the circle)
  • Add the raspberries, more cream, the second soaked biscuit, the rest of the cream. Smooth it with a spatula. Leave it in the freezer.
5. Glazing: mix the mirror glaze with the red coloring, spread it on the frozen cake, smooth it gently with a spatula.

The green decorations are made as following:

- melt some cacao butter and mix is it with green coloring
- spread it with a brush on a plastic paper (feuille guitare)
- spread out a thin layer of tempered white chocolate. 
- before it crystalizes completely make the squares with a little knife
- leave it cool down with a weight sitting on it (another plate for example)


  1. This looks simply delicious! you can bet your pants i will be trying this as soon as i can get all the ingredients! I want to thank you for sharing this even before i am tasting it because i can already tell it will be amazing!



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