Etretat town

Etretat is a little town in the coast of Normandy, one hour drive away from Rouen (where my pastry school is based).
The celebrity of Etretat comes from the massive limestone cliffs that dramatically dive into the rough normandy sea. 
Impresssive nature show off :p

Claude Monet, Gustave Courbet and other artists were inspired by these magnificent frames. 

Here are a parallel between my pictures taken in a nice spring day in 2014 with my friends Nadia and Florence and some paintings from the 19th century:


One of the postal cards images of Etretat. For me it looks like a giant's leg sitting on the sea:

Left: Picture taken in March 2014/Right: Painting by Gustave Courbet in 1869

La Manneporte (other emblematic view):
 Left: same day pic/Right: Painting by Claude Monet in 1885

Other of my pics from March 2014 on the left and Claude Monet's painting on the right (from 1885):


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