Deauville and Trouville

Deauville and Trouville are seaside towns separated by a bridge located in Lower Normandy, one hour away from Rouen. 

The bobos (bougeois bohème - expression to designate hipsters) from Paris are the main tourists by its proximity with the capital. Deauville hosts the American Movies Festival every year.

Very charming places, with their seaside atmosphere and their ‘maison à colombage’ architecture style, typical from this region and characterized by these wood structures.

I don't know about food in general but my friend Céline and I bumped into an a-ma-zing restaurant while wandering in Deauville, ‘Etoile des mers’: a fish store with some tables and a counter, where a skilled chef cooks the chosen fish perfectly and serves it with a tasty combination of vegetables and sauces! 

Really recommend it if you happen to go to Deauville.
Oysters and white wine as a starter. Yummy!


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