Crème pâtissière (Pastry cream)

Is it possible not to like the crème pâtissière? 

Milk, egg yolks, butter, sugar and vanilla: comfort food taste and smooth texture, this cream is naturally used as a filling for many delicious desserts: Mille Feuille, Saint Honoré, Frangipane, not to mention éclairs and réligieuses.

It was created under Louis XIV reign, in 1689 and it aged really well: the contemporary pastry chefs revisited this basic cream adding unusual flavors to it: green tea, berries, salted butter caramel, and even champagne!

Here is the basic recipe:

Ingredients (for about 600 g)
FYI: enough for a Millefeuille for 6 people

- 500 g of whole milk
- 25 g + 75 g of sugar
- Vanilla (preferably fresh)
- 80 g of egg yolks
- 40 g of cream powder (or corn starch)
- 50 g of butter in cubes


Check out the video (or the text underneath):

- Bring the milk, the vanilla, and the 25 g of sugar to a boil
- At the same time, Whisk the egg yolks and 75g of sugar until pale
- Add the cream powder to the egg yolks and whisk again
- When the milk boils, add some of it to the egg yolks mix, and whisk again
- Add the egg yolks mix to the boiling milk... whisking
- When the cream becomes thick remove it from the heat and add the cold butter. Whisking
- Wrap it in a plastic film and bring it to the fridge 
- When it's completed cooled down whisk it again (with a whisk or a mixer).
- Use a pipping bag to lay it


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