The buttercream is a basic preparation used to fill or decorate pastries such as cupcakes, wedding cakes (mostly the american style), Moka and religieuses, among others.
Indeed the buttercream texture is perfect for detailed decorations using a piping bag.

But standing alone it can be overwhelming and way too rich.

Here are some examples of how to use the buttercream:

- Little flame decoration on réligieuses

The buttercream will be flavored according to the réligieuse and will be used in a very small quantity just for the littles flames on its 'head'

- Decoration and glazing on a Moka cake:

The buttercream was mixed with some concentrated coffee to be used inside the cake (filling it) as well as outside it: 2 layers to shape and smooth its surface + 1 layer to glaze it. For the latter, the buttercream was warmed up until it gets a runny and shining aspect.

To finalize, more buttercream in a piping bag to decorate it.

Buttercream Recipe
For about 600 g of cream 
(enough to make a 20 cm Moka cake - filling and glazing included):


100 g of water

250 g of sugar
75 g of egg yolk
310 g of butter
10 g of glucose (optional)


1. Make a syrup with the water and sugar and bring it to 118°C/245°F

2. When the syrup gets to 100°C/212°F (boiling temperature), whisk the egg yolks (using a mixer) until pale.
3. Gently pour the hot syrup (118°C/245°F) into the egg yolks and whisk it until it cools down (about 35°C/95°F)
At this point you just made a 'pâte à bombe'
4. Finalize it adding the butter in small pieces (keep the mixer on) until it's completely emulsified.
5. Flavor it accordingly to the recipe


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