A 'parenthesis'

When I decided to take this sabbatical, I felt warmly supported by my family, friends and colleagues. Something I've heard a lot from them was: 'I wish I could do the same". 
Indeed, once we get our degrees, and start our careers, we are so busy working that it seems impossible to just stop for a while... and do something different.
It's also scary to accept loosing our references: people, places, routine, salary, all gone in a kind of 'life parenthesis'.
I'm getting into my 3th sabbatical month and I can say, this is really worthy. 

I've chosen to learn the French pastry techniques during this time off because it's a personal passion, but also because it's a creative and manual process where we have to concentrate, understand the chemicals behind each ingredient and then, let the feelings and senses express themselves. 

Funny to see how much the final result will depend on my state of mind, and as a consequence, understand how my mind and creative process happen. For instance, when the ambiance is good, in general the pastries will also be good and beautiful... but the other way around works too :p

I've chosen to go to a new city, Rouen (Normandy),  to challenge my habits and loose the place references I had in Paris. 

Here, instead of normal gym, I'm getting Pilates sessions. And, after so many years dealing only with computers, I'm taking drawing classes, taming a pencil again. Really, the finger muscles are not used to that anymore!

For me, pastries, pilates, drawing and photography (yes, this one too) are connected as they all allow a paradigm shift and a self deep dive that will result in creative expression.

I've learned so much about this passion and about myself in such a small amount of time that I can just recommend anyone to sometimes in life, take a step back, and give him/herself this precious gift: Time! For you!


  1. I've gone through the whole blog. I'm really impressed by your choices and approach, and by your pastries of course :-) Please have fun and continue feeding your blog with your feats and sensitivity, I definitely had a great time...

    1. coucou Laureline! Je viens de voir ton comment (bizarre, je n'avais pas reçu de notification). Merci bcp, ça me fait très plaisir de te lire!! Je rentre bientôt, hâte de faire une petite session patisserie/papotage :)



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