Saint Honoré

When the choux meets puff pastry, creme patissiere, whipped cream and caramel it just can't get wrong.
Delicious!! It may look like a whipped cream overdose but it’s not. Very balanced and light… on texture of course, but unfortunately not on calories 

Historical note

This pastry was created in 1840 by Chiboust (the guy who invented the... Chiboust cream) in his pastry shop at the fancy Saint Honoré Street in Paris). 

The recipe we learned is not very accurate as the original one uses a Chiboust cream.

My guess is that the adapted version is indeed better as the chiboust cream seems to be quite heavy: Italian meringue + crème pâtissière. To be confirmed though.

Recipe (for a big cake + 6 single servings):

Note: for the caramel, puff pastry, choux dough, it's difficult to make less than these quantities. The raw puff pastry and cooked choux can be frozen though.

  • 250 g of puff pastry (recipe here)
  • 500 g of choux dough (recipe here)
  • 350 g of pastry cream (recipe here)
  • 200 g of caramel
    • 80 g of water
    • 200 g of sugar
    • 40 g of glucose (optional)
  • 400 g of whipped cream
    • 360 g of liquid cream
    • 45 g of sugar
    • Vanilla (a little bit)
  • Roll out the puff pastry quite thin (about 2 or 3 mm) and make the Saint honoré foundations: cut a big circle of 22 cm diameter and 6 smaller circles of 9 cm diameter
  • Put your choux dough in a piping bag with a medium to small tip  (like 8)
  • Lay down a ring of choux dough around each circle (leaving an edge space of about 1 cm). With the same dough, pip about 22 little choux of 4 cm diameter and about 18 choux of 3 cm diameter (check out the piping technique in the choux recipe).
  • Bake these doughs for about 35 minutes at 190°/200°C (375°/390° F). Note: 5 minutes after the choux started cooking, slightly open the oven's door to leave the steam go away
  • In the meantime, prepare the pastry cream and leave it cool down
  • Once the choux are baked, fill them with the pastry cream (check out filling technique in the choux recipe)
  • Make a caramel: put all ingredients in a pan and leave it cook until it gets a light yellow color (165°C or 329°F). Slightly cool it down putting the bottom of the pan in cold water (carefully)
  • Dip the upper part of the choux in the caramel and leave it dry (Be careful, caramel burns big time)
  • For the single serving pie, dip also the upper part of the choux ring
  • After the caramel dried up, dip the bottom of the choux (pieds) to stick them to the choux ring 
  • Now the 'crowns' are made and you can gently spread the pastry cream on the surface of the puff pastry
  • Finalize with a whipped cream piping bag decoration. Preferably using the Saint Honore special tip.
  • Decorate it with chocolate decors.
6 servings version:



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